Friday, June 29, 2007

No, I didn't forget the password

When someone asked if I had,I realized that over a year between posts was far too long.
From a personal and local land use perspective, much has happened in the last year.
I went to work for a development company. No, I didn't sell out. I am a tree hugging developer. (Yes, it is possible) I like the work and I am grateful for the
opportunity to actually make a difference.

When I read this commentary on Bacon's Rebellion, I felt compelled to create a post and spread the dialogue. (Not that it is necessary)

There is much to be said locally about recent legislation and its impact on localities, and the shift in public thought on land use issues.
I'm hopeful Chesterfield will set a positive example of infrastructure funding mechanism overhaul. I won't wait another year to post on that topic.

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