Monday, February 20, 2006

Can we shape the future?

Can we speculate what the future holds? For example, are we allowed to sneak a peek into the future of the Swift Creek Reservoir by studying the decisions of the past? The concerns shared by so many people are the same as they were 30 years ago. With the zoning of Brandermill, the question was asked. What impact will this development have on our water supply? Impact. On transportation, education and utilities. What about those that are already living here? Is there adequate protection for these residents as well as those that will come?Do we ever know the impact of our decisions before they are made or are we forced to learn from the lessons of trial and error? Watkins, Hunt, Highlands, Chesdin, MIP...The growth and change we will experience will be what we make it. What we demand it to be. Will we try to reinvent the wheel or look to the past for guidance?Throughout life there is change; It should be well planned and not improvident. We have a wonderful opportunity standing at this crossroad to shape the future of Chesterfield for our children. Any suggestions?